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Preparation for Outdoor Winter Activities Prevents Injury
When the cold weather starts creeping in, and the snow starts to fall in the mountains, those who love their winter sports get excited.
Unfortunately, even simply walking outside in the freezing weather without layers of warm clothing can intensify older joint problems and cause a great deal of pain. As muscles and blood vessels contract to conserve the body's heat, the blood supply to extremities is reduced. This lowers the functional capacity of many muscles, particularly among the physically unfit. Preparation for an outdoor winter activity, including conditioning the areas of the body that are most vulnerable, can help avoid injury and costly health care bills.

Simply put, warming up is essential. Skipping your warm-up is the best way to get hurt. You can complete a good warm-up in 15-20 minutes. We suggest that you start with some light aerobic activity (jogging, biking, fast walking) for about 7-10 minutes. Also, layer clothing to keep your muscles warm and flexible. If you are sore after participating in your chosen sport, apply an ice bag to the affected area for 20 minutes, then take it off for a couple of hours. Repeat a couple of times each day over the next day or two.
If you continue to feel soreness, pain or strain after following these tips, it may be time to visit a doctor of chiropractic.


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